406MHz Beacon Registration

epirb_diagramRescue Beacons need to be registered to help you in a timely manner. To register, you need to know what it’s  HexID/UIN is.

A registered EPIRB / PLB allows AMSA or RCCNZ Search and Rescue to phone your emergency contacts and look up important information to initiate a response as soon as possible. An unregistered beacon slows down this process, which might result in a delayed response.

Once an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) or Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)  is registered a confirmation will be issued via SMS, email or letter so that you can prove registration when inspected by authorities. Registration is valid for two years and renewal can be done online on the beacon registration system.

Whenever your contact details or beacon details change, please update them online. Don’t wait for your registration to expire before doing this because incorrect contact details can also delay the response.

What is the HexID or UIN?

The HexID or Unique Identity Number (UIN) is the unique code programmed into each 406 MHz distress beacon and transmitted when the EPIRB or PLB is activated.

When registering, this code must be included in the registration as it is the only code that links the individual distress beacon to the registration database. Without the HexID the unit cannot be registered.

The HexID is 15 characters long and is made up of hexadecimal numbers (0-9) and letters (A-F). The code can be found on the label of all 406 MHz distress beacons.

I have an Australia HexID/UIN?

register here: AMSA Beacons

I have a New Zealand HexID/UIN?

register here:  406 Beacon Registration