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Planning To Fall Overboard.. Think Again


Cold Water Immersion – It’s a Killer!

In Queensland, we tend to take our warm weather and equally warm coastal waters for granted. Even in mid-winter, our coastal water temperatures are usually quite mild.

On a recent visit M.A.S.T. (Marine and Safety Tasmania) in Hobart, I picked up one of their flyers – Cold Water Immersion – which reminded me how critical water temperatures are to survival if you have the misfortune to fall overboard or capsize – especially in our Southern waters. Continue Reading


Nautical Knowledge – What every marine skipper needs to know to keep safe at sea

Great manual to add to your sailing library! I’ve just reviewed a copy of The Boating Bible Manual of Seamanship and thoroughly recommend it to you. Based on Jim Murrant’s book, The Boating Bible – sold 70,000 copies – the content has been updated and developed into an interactive multimedia manual. It’s a useful reference… Continue Reading

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