EPIRB Australia


EPIRBs sold in the store are all coded for registration with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), so you know it will work regardless of where it is activated in the world. If you operate an Australian registered vessel, you will need one with the Australian UIN code. Not sure what this all means, then please go to our Beacon Q&A page.

KTI's Safety Alert - SA1-G  (Built-In GPS) EPIRB

Australian Made and Owned Company!

10 Year Battery & Warranty

Safety Alert SA1-G (Built-In GPS) EPIRB gives advanced location accuracy within 120 metres and provides 72 hours transmission time once activated. Featuring an in-built GPS and a high intensity strobe light for visual detection especially in poor visibility conditions, the Safety Alert SA1-G aids a quick and precise location in an emergency. More Info

Includes FREE Track & Signature Courier Service within Australia

Now Available - New Zealand UIN Coded Model

Price: $387.00
Price: $285.00
NZ $313.50

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