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First Aid and CPR | Can you look after your Family and Crew?

Accidents can and do occur anytime in boating and to anyone. The National Boating Study back in Nov 2009 claimed that:

  • 61% of participants were on prescribed drugs while boating;
  • 6% of boaters had suffered a fracture or broken bone whilst boating in the last 12 months;
  • Almost 50% of boaters had suffered injury and required First Aid;
  • 12% of boaters had suffered an injury requiring a visit to a GP or hospital emergency care unit;

Now I can understand why volunteer rescue members are required to have a First Aid / CPR certificate..

Survival of life is critical during the first few minutes on board, so my question is –

How many Skippers have had training and can look after their crew or themselves with First Aid and CPR?

Remember in Australia the phone number for emergency help is 000 or 112 on mobile phones.

If you have a VHF Marine Radio on board then broadcast a PAN PAN channel 16 call to a Land Based Station.

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