Log On Log Off Trip Planner

We all know that we should log on with a local Marine Rescue Group (MRG) when venturing out on the water. However, by their very nature of being a Limited Coast Station, they are not a 24 x 7 x 365 service as they are operated by volunteers. Most MRGs operate on hours to suite the local community or by the available human resources volunteering their time.

This free LOG ON, LOG OFF Trip Planner is provided as an additional aid to your boating safety management plan for when an MRG is not available.

The “Plan” requests information that is needed by search and rescue authorities should they need to activate a crew and vessels to come looking for you. Consider that every piece of information counts towards helping you in a crisis!

You can create your own watch-keepers by using their email addresses.

The “Plan” allows you to initially email it to yourself for checking before forwarding it onto your family, mates or a MRG (if email available) or to include their email addresses along with your own from the start.

Once received, they can set their mobile phone alarm to raise the over-due alert and seek help if you don’t LOG OFF at the expected time.

You can even upload a photo of your boat, trailer and car at the departure point from your mobile phone.

Once you have LOGGED ON, you will be able to either re-submit any “Plan” UPDATES or, and most importantly, LOG OFF.

We’ll be constantly improving the “Plan” as a software application of this nature needs to constantly readapt to new and emerging water activities. Please submit any questions or ideas you would like us to include in future updates.

Before Going Boating

  1. Check the marine weather report and ensure you and your boat are suited to the conditions.
  2. Ensure you have the required safety equipment for the area you are going to.
  3. Ensure there are the correct and sufficient life jackets on-board for all crew.
  4. Ensure you have sufficient fuel and reserve fuel.
  5. Are the vessel batteries fully charge, along with the hand-held marine radio and mobile phone.
  6. Where possible,  Log On Log Off with a local Marine Rescue Group.