Distress Beacon - EPIRB


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KTI’s Safety Alert SA1 EPIRB gives advanced location accuracy and provides 3 days transmission time once activated. Featuring an in-built high intensity strobe light for visual detection especially in poor visibility conditions, the Safety Alert SA1 aids a quick and precise location in an emergency.

Includes FREE Courier Track & Signature Delivery within Australia

The Safety Alert SA1 EPIRB is low maintenance and extremely cost effective.

In an engineering world first, KTI has designed the first approved emergency locator beacon with a 10 Year Battery and 10 Year Warranty. The Safety Alert SA1 is designed to go the distance so you may have complete confidence on the water and NOW on the Land!.

Why not Consider Upgrading to our GPS Model and be Found within 120 Metres?

EPIRB - Australia
EPIRBs are designed to float in the water to optimise the signal to the satellite. An EPIRB is required to operate for a minimum of 48 hours continuously once activated and has a lanyard that is used to secure it to something that is not going to sink so that it can float free. Please register your EPIRB with the Australian Maritime Rescue Authority (AMSA) - It's Free!.
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