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Saved Fishos Booked By The Long Arm

Another news story about the poor attitude of mariners who expect everyone to come to their aid when marine rescue is needed. Of all places – the CROC infested waters off Darwin, Northern Territory. Amazing to think that the authorities don’t consider a VHF Marine Radio as part of the essential items to have onboard in times of distress…

Saved fishos booked


October 9th, 2010

TWO red-faced fishermen were rescued after their “tinny” ran out of fuel – and were then promptly booked for not having safety equipment onboard.

The men were frantically paddling their sinking 3.5m boat when they were towed in.

Superintendent Del Jones said the anglers would be summonsed to court.

They did not have an EPIRB or flares.

Supt Jones said “it could have been nasty” if the fishermen had been farther from shore. She added: “At least they had paddles.”

The men ran out of petrol when about 2km from the Mandorah jetty about 8pm on Thursday.

Water Police broadcast an appeal for help. Mandorah ferry Seacat had just left Cullen Bay and towed the disabled tinny to safety.

The NT Amateur Fishermen’s Association yesterday said it supported the safety equipment rules.

Association head Chris Makepeace said the Territory Government should run a boat safety campaign.

There are about 25,000 pleasure boats in the NT.

“The Government does it for pushbikes and railway crossing,” Mr Makepeace said.

Boats under 5m must carry:

AN EPIRB if they go two nautical miles from shore;

LIFE jackets;

ONE litre of drinking water for everybody on board;

FLARES – two fire and two smoke;

PADDLES and a bailer; and

AN anchor.

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