VHF Marine Radio Network

Locate Your VHF Marine Radio Calling, Working Channel In Any State or Territory of Australia and New Zealand…

Just to make life easier for you, links below will take you to websites promoting the local VHF marine radio channel network. Become familiar with those in your local area. If unsure, use VHF Channel 16 as a calling channel and ask which is the most suitable working channel to use.


Marine Radio Contacts

New South Wales

Coastal Radio Network Services

NSW Marine Rescue Radio And Frequencies


Marine Radio and Communications


Marine Radio Network Tasmania

South Australia

Marine Radio South Australia

Northern Territory

Coast Radio Darwin VKD 999

Western Australia

Marine Radio – Western Australia

Whitfords Volunteer Sea Rescue

New Zealand Maritime

Maritime Radio VHF Coverage

Australian Bureau of Meteorology

BoM Communication Services

Australian Maritime College (AMC) – Office of Maritime Communications (OMC)

LROCP | SROCP Examination Reference Material
Use of Marine Frequencies, Monitored by; Communicating with; Purpose